Day Of Surgery

An Allied Veterinary Surgery technician will arrive approximately one hour prior to the surgeon's scheduled arrival time. This permits our team time to acquire patients’ information, calculate medications, acquire radiographs if needed, and prep patient/surgery suite for surgery. While our team strives to minimize disturbance to your clinic’s daily workflow, some assistance may be needed from a hospital nurse prior to and after surgery.

Please be assured that surgical table/light, and OR floors have been cleaned with a broad-spectrum disinfectant. A clean operating room reduces risk for surgical infection. All persons in the surgical suite must wear a cap and mask. It is important to minimize traffic in/out of the surgical suite.

Day of Surgery Prior to the Allied Veterinary Surgery Team Arrival
  • Check anesthesia machines for proper function and ensure 0s is on
  • Patient vital monitoring systems are functioning properly
  • Acquire X-rays and/or blood work if necessary
  • Place IV catheter and administer preoperative sedation if possible
Postoperative Expectations
  • Administer post-operative pain medications and/or antibiotics
  • Apply cold compress to incision site for 10-15 minutes
  • Provide E-collar or “donut” collar
  • Monitor anesthetic recovery